6. Deutsche Kulturwoche Goa 2013

8. - 14. Dezember 2013


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Kulturwoche in der Presse


December 8 (Sunday) 12.30 pm

Opening Lunch of German Cultural Week Goa
at Ritz Classic Restaurant, Panjim

For our opening lunch this year we have chosen the very traditional and popular restaurant Ritz Classic in Panjim. Famous for its special fish curry rice (in Konkanim: xit coddi nustem). There is a rich menu with Goan and non-Goan items, too.

Limited number of participants. Registration until December 6. Please call: 9763365050


December 10 (Tuesday) 6 pm

Screening of Documentary: Auroville, die Stadt der Visionäre (in German)
Director and Producer: Alexander Lorenz, 25 min, 2012
at Carpe Diem, H.No. 81/2, Godinho House, Gomes Waddo, Majorda

ORF India correspondent Alexander Lorenz visited several Austrians in Auroville, famous city of visionaries in India. The rural community of 2,500 inhabitants was founded by Mira Alfassa, called "the mother", in 1968. During the great hippie movement people went to India searching for the meaning of life and new models of society. Which of their dreams have been transformed to reality and why is Auroville no religious sect? How do Austrians and Germans live there today, some of them after decades in the South-East of the subcontinent? In his exciting 25 minutes report Alexander Lorenz deals with all these issues.

ORF is the Austrian National and International Broadcaster. The film will be preceeded by a short DVD made especially for the Cultural Week audience and in which the producer Alexander Lorenz gives some explanations about the film. Entry free.


December 11 (Wednesday) 6 pm

Visit to "Ancestral Goa" - Big Foot in Loutolim

Visit to the open air museum about the original life in Goa. Followed by a live show of Goan folk dance and a Buffet of Goan Food prepared in the traditional way.

Entry pass Adults 400 Rs, Children 300 Rs. There will be a bus shuttle from Panjim and from Benaulim-Colva-Margão to Loutolim (with a small fee).
Previous registration required. Please call: 9823916162.


December 12 (Thursday) 9.30 am

Traditional German Home Pastry Class by German Ladies
Agnel Institute of Food Crafts and Culinary Sciences, Agnel Ashram, Verna

Learn how to make four of the most traditional German apple cakes. Watch four German ladies prepare the cakes at a high-end non-professional pastry class. Apfel-Crumble, Apfelstrudel, Covered Apple Cake and Sunken Apples Cake

Limited number of participants. For registration please call: 9763365050


December 12 (Thursday) 4.30 pm

Presentation by Dr. Pierre Gottschlich, University of Rostock, Germany.
European Union - India CARIM project on Migration.
The Role of NRI and PIO population of Germany in Economic and Social Development Assistance to India
Institute Menezes Braganza, opp. Azad Maidan, Panjim

The Non-Resident Indian (NRI) and People of Indian Origin (PIO) population in Germany is one of the less prominent Indian overseas communities. Nonetheless, this group plays a significant role in economic and social development assistance from Germany to India. It does so in many different ways, ranging from workers’ remittances and foreign direct investments to the establishment of business networks. There is a plethora of German-Indian charity organizations that deal with economic and social challenges in India, mainly with regard to poverty alleviation. Additionally, grassroots activities outside the network of charity groups, private donations, and other forms of philanthropy do also play a major role. A more indirect way of diaspora engagement for India concerns activities in the realm of politics and lobby work which can help secure official development assistance programs and financial aid for India by the German government.

The presentation attempts to shed light on the different forms of engagement from Germany to India. It will start with a brief overall assessment of the NRI and PIO population in Germany, including its recent history and general profile. It will then proceed to analyze the many diverse ways of financial, economic, social, charitable, and political contributions this specific overseas group can offer for India.


December 13 (Friday) 10 am

Visit to the German company Patzschke & Scharfenberger Architects, Panjim.

Limited number of participants. For registration please call: 9763365050


December 14 (Saturday) from 6 pm onwards

Club Vasco da Gama, opp. Municipal Garden, Panjim

As a closing highlight of the German Cultural Week, come and enjoy with us the traditional “Oktoberfest”:

• German beer Savour the original German Paulaner Hefe Weissbier, one of the six only beer brands admitted at the original Munich Oktoberfest in Germany.

• Authentic German food Bockwurst and Bratwurst (German sausages), Sauerkraut, Brathering (fried herring), Frikadellen (meat balls), Kartoffelsalat (potatoe salad), Laugenbrezel (bretzel), green beans salad, pasta salad and more…

• German pastry Käsekuchen (baked cheese cake), Apple Cake, Swiss Carrot Cake, Marble cake, German Christmas cookies, Christmas Stollen and more…

There will be Goan food as well. Lots of interesting prizes.
Open to all, entry free (Right of admission reserved).
Food from 6 pm onwards.
There will be a bus shuttle Colva/Benaulim/Margao - Panjim, with a small fee. For bus reservation please call: 9823916162

For more information on any of the events please contact: 9763365050 or info@igsg.org











Austria's International Broadcaster


Die Kulturwoche in der Presse

HERALD - 12. Dezember 2013

From Germany to Goa: Dolcy d´Cruz gets details from Dr Pierre Gottschlich, who will be presenting the migration scenario at the 6th German Cultural Week Goa 2013.
Lesen Sie den Artikel (auf English) bitte hier.


THE GOAN - 7. Dezember 2013

Goa goes German - A view from afar. By Constantino Xavier.
Lesen Sie den Artikel (auf Englisch) bitte hier.



10. Dezember

Filmvorführung: Auroville, die Stadt der Visionäre
im Carpe Diem, Majorda


11. Dezember

Besuch im "Ancestral Goa" - Big Foot in Loutolim


12. Dezember

Backkurs: Deutsche Damen backen im Agnel Institute of Food Crafts and Culinary Sciences, Verna




12. Dezember

Vortrag von Dr. Pierre Gottschlich: The Role of NRI and PIO population of Germany in Economic and Social Development Assistance to India, im Institute Menezes Braganza, Panjim



13. Dezember

Besuch Firma Patzschke & Scharfenberger Architects, Panjim


14. December