Visit to a Konkani "Tiatr"
at Kala Academy in Panjim

IGSG - Indo German Friendship Society Goa and LSG - Lusophone Society of Goa, in collaboration with the Goa State Central Library, organized a visit to a Konkani tiatr at Kala Academy in Panjim on February 21, 2020. The Konkani word "tiatr" has its origin in the Portuguese word "teatro" (theatre).



Guided visit to a whisky production
in Cuncolim

On February 12, 2020, IGSG organized a visit to the famous Paul John Whisky Distillery in Cuncolim - South Goa. This famous Goan distillery produces single malts for the national and international markets.

During the visit the guide explained that due to the tropical climate and humidity found in Goa whiskies mature faster giving them their own signature character.

Water is one of the most important ingredients in the making of whisky. The pure underground table of water in Goa, along with rain-fed water sources and water flowing through the Western Ghats that are naturally filtered through the wetlands, ensure the great quality and perfect mineral balance of John Paul Whiskies made in Goa.

We enjoyed the tour.

Please find pictures here...


Bakery Class at Verna, Goa

February 6, 2020

Learn how to prepare four genuine German bakery items: No-knead bread rolls, cheese fruit cake, German tart with mango covering, and cinnamon rolls. This demonstration class will be conducted by two German ladies. All ingredients used in the recipes are available in Goa.

Previous registration is mandatory. Please register via WhatsApp under 97 6336 5050.

Timing and venue: February 6, 2020 (Thursday), 9.30 am to 1 pm at Institute of Food Crafts and Culinary Sciences, Agnel Ashram, Verna.

Please find pictures here...


German Classes for Students of Business Administration


From January to March 2019 IGSG organized a German Language Course as part of the Business Administration programme at Rosary College Navelim. 52 students participated in the classes conducted by German language teacher Mrs. Gudula Eisemann who introduced them to the basics of German language and culture.

Find pictures here...


Visit to a Goan Spirits Distillery

February 9, 2019 (Saturday)

IGSG is organising a visit to Rhea Distilleries, Nuvem, the oldest operating distillery in Goa.

Rhea Distilleries is a family run small scale industry, producing various types of spirits such as malt, grape, cane and cashew Feni, the traditional and historical spirit of Goa.

The visitors will experience the process of fermentation, distillation and maturation of the various spirits from the Managing Partner himself Mr. Regan Henriques.

The visitors will also be given a chance to appreciate the various spirits produced. The session will end with cocktails and snacks.

Timing: Saturday, February 9, 2019, at 10 am.

Early prior registration is compulsory as the tour is restricted to a maximum of 25 participants.

Please contact via WhatsApp 9850452073 or email

Find pictures of the visit here...


German Bakery Class at Verna, Goa

January 29, 2019


Four German ladies will demonstrate how to prepare three German cakes and one bread: Frankfurt Wreath, Curd Cheesecake with Crumbles, Lemon Tart, Whole Wheat Baguette with Black Olives. All ingredients used in these recipes are available in Goa.

Timing and venue: January 29, 2019, 9.30 to 1 pm at Institute for Food Crafts and Culinary Sciences, Agnel Ashram, Verna.

Previous registration mandatory. Please contact
or call 97 6336 5050

 Please find pictures here...


Author Reading: JOURNEYS

Roswitha Gautam, born in Berlin, journeyed in India for more than five decades exploring and enjoying the many possibilities and talents of this great land.

Her book JOURNEYS traces the author's journey from the past, evoking the tastes and flavors of yesteryears to an ever changing dynamic present. It describes the challenges of learning faced by her as an individual and the country India growing to maturity and realizing her full potential with the passage of time. The author's personal journey parallels India's journey as a young post-colonial nation in many ways. Both began their journeys with hesitant steps, seeking to overcome a traumatized past and the burden of history.

The book shows that India's inherent peaceful pluralism, her characteristic trait of 'unity in diversity' is her core strength that will not only shape India's future but will also guide her in fulfilling her destiny.

January 23rd, 2019. The reading will begin with a visit to Goa Chitra Museum Benaulim at 5 pm.

NB: On January 16, Mrs Gautam informed us that she will not be able to do the reading. We regret.


German Bakery Class at Porvorim, Goa

March 7, 2018

We are pleased to announce a German Bakery Class at Porvorim which is certainly a place easier to reach for all those living in Panjim and the Northern part of Goa.

Three German ladies will demonstrate how to prepare four German sweet treats: strawberry-jelly-cake, Swiss carrot-nuts-cake, white grape tart and the famous "Berliner" donuts. All ingredients used in these recipes are available in Goa.

Timing and venue: March 7, 10 am to 1 pm at IHM - Institute of Hotel Management, Porvorim.

There is a registration fee. Please contact 9763365050 or

Please find pictures here...



Floral arrangement workshop at Benaulim, Goa February 20, 2018

This floral arrangement workshop will be conducted by German lady Monika Höcher. Monika has completed a three years German official apprenticeship qualification as a florist and is looking back on many years of experience in this field.

This workshop will be a demonstration class. The shown techniques and arrangements will be suitable for many different occasions: for day-to-day table decoration, as a gift for a birthday or as arrangements for parties and weddings. Monika likes to focus on techniques and then let students design their own arrangements rather than replicate.

Many people in Goa have gardens and will find in this workshop a good opportunity to take better advantage of the flowers they grow.

Venue: Benaulim, Guesthouse Villa Malibu; Time: February 20, 2018 (Tuesday), 3.30 pm

For more information and registration please call 9763365050

Please find pictures here...


Author Reading: Get on your way!

February 17, 2018



Brigitte Nolting reads in German from her book, an autobiographical guidebook intended to encourage people who want or need to change something in their lives but may hesitate because they do not dare to take the step on unknown territory.

Brigitte will explain how and why this book came about, and if attends are interested, she will also talk about the possibilities of self-publishing a book, as an eBook or as a print edition.

Brigitte Nolting has been spending her winters in Goa for many years. Since her first visit to Calangute in 1976 she has fallen in love with this wonderful place where she started writing.

The full session will be held in German language.

Saturday, February 17, 3.30 pm, at Villa Malibu, Benaulim.


Please find pictures here...


German Language Courses

Start: February 9, 2018

IGSG - Indo German Friendship Society Goa is pleased to announce two German language classes, one for beginners and one for advanced learners. Both courses will be held by German national and professional language teacher Ms. Gudula Eisemann.

The beginners course will have a duration of 16 hours of lessons and will provide to the students some basic skills in German. Timings: From February 9, 2018 onwards, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3 pm to 5 pm. Venue: Benaulim.

The course for advanced learners is directed to students who already have some basic knowledge of German. This course will equally have a duration of 16 hours of lessons. Timings: From February 9, 2018 onwards, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5 pm to 7 pm. Venue: Benaulim.

For registration please contact 9657959370 or email to



German Bakery Class

February 6, 2018 (Tuesday) at Verna

Four German ladies will demonstrate how to prepare four German cakes and the famous Berliner donuts. These are the cakes: Strawberry-custard-tart, Swiss carrot-nuts-cake, white grape tart and sweet potatoe chocolate cookies (gluten-free, lactose-free). All ingredients used in these recipes are available in Goa.


Timing and venue: February 6, 9.30 to 1 pm at Institute for Food Crafts and Culinary Science, Agnel Ashram, Verna.


There is a registration fee. Please contact


Please find pictures here...


German Brunch

February 4, 2018 (Sunday) 11 am at Panjim


IGSG members and friends will meet for a traditional German Frühschoppen (German Brunch) on February 4 (Sunday) 11 am at Clube Nacional in Panjim ((Vaglo Building, 1st floor, near Municipal Garden). There will be German potatoe salad, Wiener sausages made by a German butcher, German beer and apple cake. Goan food and local beer will also be available.


February 4 (Sunday) 11 am at Clube Nacional in Panjim (Vaglo Building, 1st floor, near Municipal Garden)


Previous registration mandatory: e-mail to

Please find pictures here...


Holy Mass in German Language

January 26, 2018 at 10 am at Benaulim

On Friday, January 26, 2018, a Roman Catholic mass in German (with some prayers in English and Konkani) will be held in St. Anthony's Chapel, opp. Maria Hall at Benaulim.

The mass will be read by Rev. Fr. Joaquim Fernandes. Fr. Fernandes belongs to the Society of Pilar (Pilar fathers) in Goa whose priests have been working as parish priests in Germany and Austria for many years.

Rev. Fr. Joaquim Fernandes is at present the parish priest of Vilgertshofen-Stoffen in the Diocese of Augsburg. Three more priests from Pilar are working in Bavaria.


After the worship service the churchgoers may meet for a snack at Café-Restaurant Yatra which is very close to St. Anthony's Chapel.

Please find pictures here...


Strolling through Fontainhas / Panjim

IGSG is organizing a strolling tour through the historic neighbourhood of Fontainhas, the "Latin quarter" of Panjim. Travel back in time and learn about the ward and the city of Panjim. Your exploration into the heart of Panjim begins as you meet your guide, who tells you how Panjim was founded. The tour, which will last for around three hours, will be done in German language, therefore it is open to German speaking persons only.

Date: 28th November 2017 (Tuesday) at 9 am. Previous registration required, please call 9763365050.

Please find pictures of the tour here...


German Language Class for Beginners




Another batch of eager learners attended our German language course at Verna in January-February 2017




Workshop in Upholstery conducted by a German lady, Gandaulim, Goa



A demonstration workshop on how to make and to cover with fabric a new flat cushion. A workshop conducted by a German craftsman.






2nd Goan Home Culinary Course for German speaking participants



For the second time, on February 4, 2017, IGSG organized a cooking class in Goan kitchen for German-speaking participants.





Holy Mass in German, at Benaulim, Goa



On Sunday, January 29, 2017, a Roman Catholic mass in German (with some prayers in English and Konkani) was held in St. Anthony's Chapel at Benaulim, Goa. Read more...




3rd Stammtisch in North Goa




On Sunday, January 8, 2017 there was much chatting at 3rd IGSG Stammtisch North Goa.

Read more here...



Get Together for Helpers at German Cultural Week Goa 2016


On January 4 Germans and Goans, who helped to organize the German Cultural Week Goa 2106, had a pleasant get together in Verna. "Team IGSG" enjoyed the meeting at a delicious Goan lunch.




9th German Cultural Week Goa 2016

11 - 17 December , 2016

with Oktoberfest


Programme and photo gallery here





5th IGSG Stammtisch for South Goa

November 20, 2016


Have a look at some pictures of this Stammtisch and former ones in South Goa here...





German Language Classes for Beginners and Advanced Learners

From October 11 onwards



4th IGSG Stammtisch South Goa at Benaulim

February 6, 2016



Have a look at some pictures of this and former Stammtische in South Goa here...





German for Beginners

From January 19 onwards at Verna.



8th German Cultural Week Goa 2015

6 - 12 December, 2015

with Oktoberfest


Programme and photo gallery here...




2nd Stammtisch North Goa

November 1st, 2015

Our 2nd Stammtisch in North Goa was held successfully on November 1st, 2015 in the garden of Café Coffee Heaven, Arpora.

About 30 Goans and Germans, members and friends of IGSG – Indo German Friendship Society Goa, chatted over an excellent brunch served by Diana and Dirk. Many of the Germans had just arrived to enjoy the new season.

Please have a look at the pictures of this and former IGSG Stammtische here...


IGSG Goa - Doon University, Uttarakhand : Interactive Session in Benaulim, Goa

IGSG (Indo German Friendship Society Goa) and a Group of Students of the Department of German Studies, School of Languages, Doon University, (Dehradun, Uttarakhand) have conducted a day long interactive session on March 24, 2015, in Benaulim, Goa.



Visit to Volkswagen India plant in Pune

Sixteen members and friends of IGSG (Indo German Friendship Society Goa), visited on February 11, 2015 the Volkswagen India plant, located in the industrial hub of Chakan, Pune. The plant is one of the most modern facilities of Volkswagen Group where the visitors got a chance to experience German engineering, made in India.

Photogallery here...


Goan Cuisine: A cooking class for German
speaking participants


In this one-day cooking class a professional cook showed the participants how to prepare selected traditional Goan dishes.

These were the menu items: Feni-cocktail, stuffed fish, kokum meat and more.

Please read more and have a look at the pictures here...



1st IGSG Stammtisch in North Goa


On January 18, 2015 we had our first Stammtisch in North Goa. Over the famous Sunday Brunch at Diana's and Dirk's Coffee Heaven at Arpora members and friends chatted and exchanged information. And there was a surprise: famous German entertainer, singer and author Sissi Perlinger!

Here are some pictures...


7th German Cultural Week Goa 2014

Programme, Gallery, Press Review hier...


3rd Stammtisch in South Goa

Our 3rd Stammtisch in South Goa was successfuly held at Benaulim on November 30 (Sunday), 2014 at Anne Afonso's Villa Malibu, Benaulim.

With coffee, tea and cakes more than 30 members and friends chatted together over goodies brought by some of the participants. 

It was an excellent opportunity to exchange news and information about the German-Goan community.

Have a look at some pictures of this and former Stammtische in South Goa here...



German Study compares Behavior of German and Indian Managers

A deepened knowledge of cultural distinctions between German and Indian managers with regards to how they perceive as well as plan their time may help to reduce cultural prejudices and misunderstandings and further promote cross-cultural collaborations.

The study presented here, conducted by Ms Lena Zimmermann at the University of Würzburg in Germany,  aimed to contrast German and Indian managers regarding their time perspective (TP), which refers to individuals' psychological orientation towards the past, the present, and the future and further analyzed the impact of TP on planning behaviors.

Please read the Results Report here...


Konkani classes for Germans

A Konkani course for beginners with a duration of 12 hours is being organized by IGSG in February 2014. Participants will be given basic knowledge of Konkani as spoken in everyday life with special emphasis on Salcetan Konkani. The aim of the short course is to enable participants to communicate in very simple sentences thus showing their esteem for the country. The script used in the course is the Roman script.

Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons at Chowgule College Margao.

For further information please contact: 9763365050 or


2nd Stammtisch at Benaulim

February 23 (Sunday), 2014 at 3.30 p.m.

Our 2nd Stammtisch will be on Sunday, February 23, 2014, at 3.30 p.m. at Anne Afonso's Villa Malibu, Benaulim. Anybody interested in German-Indian friendship is welcome. There will be coffee, tea and cakes.

The response to our first Stammtisch in November last year was great. Many old and new friends had come to chat over goodies brought by some of the participants. Have a look at some pictures here...

Way to Villa Malibu: Arriving in Benaulim from Margao/railway station you turn left at the “Crossroad“. Follow the road for 500 m, pass the Royalpalms hotel until a sharp right curve. Here you find our restaurant Malibu. Follow the road, pass the restaurant Malibu and turn right before the Palmgroves hotel. On the left hand side you see the bright blue Villa Malibu. For any further information please call: 0832 2770976 or 88 88 71 87 91


New Visa Application Centre in Goa for Indians travelling to Germany

Germany and VFS Global have recently opened ten Visa Application Centres in India and one in Bhutan to speed up the visa application process. In India, the Germany Visa Application Centres are operational in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Puducherry, Bengaluru and Mumbai, while in Bhutan, the Centre is functional in Thimphu. In the next two months, Centres will be operational in Goa, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Kolkata. Read more...


Book Review:  "In the Shadow of Freedom" by Laxmi Tendulkar Dhaul

From Goa to Germany, via the Nazis and Gandhi

The book tells the story of Avi (A G) Tendulkar, a young journalist from just outside Goa, who in the early 1930s travels to Germany to study. He marries his professor’s daughter. As a journalist in Berlin, he meets and falls in love with the film-maker Thea von Harbou, the wife of Fritz Lang (1890-1976) - one of the best known emigres from Germany’s school of Expressionism.

Please read Frederick Noronha's full review here...


6th German Cultural Week Goa 2013

8 - 14 December 2013

Find pictures of the 6th German Week here:


Picture Gallery



1st IGSG Stammtisch in South Goa

November 24, 2013




Please find pictures of this and later IGSG Stammtische in South Goa here...





Book Review: "Lost in Goa" by Ingrid von Heiseler

Lost, but not astray

By Friedhelm Baumgärtner

A desperate mother, beggar in Panjim, capital of Goa, is searching for her little daughter, in vain. What do the foreigners who hang around in the park, have to do with her disappearance? Will the tourist Manuela kill herself, and if so, how will she do that? And is she also involved in the disappearance of the child? Readers learn about the exciting events, but at the same time many facts about place and time of the action and of the mood ruling in Goa at the end of the last century: many older cultivate their nostalgia for the Portuguese period. Numerous original photos illustrate the text. Please read the full text (in German) here...


The Ten most Beautiful Yoga Hotels in the World

One of them is the Yoga Magic Eco Resort, Vagator, Goa

The magazine Focus has made a selection of the world's ten most beautiful Yoga hotels. The Yoga Magic Eco Resort, Vagator, Goa is one of them. Please read the full article in German here...


Goa and Germany - a solution for the garbage problem

The IGSG (Indo German Friendship Society Goa) is extremely pleased about the visit in the first week of July 2013, by Mr Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of Goa, to the German City of Kaiserslautern and the inspection of the city's efficient and comprehensive garbage handling systems.


"I was highly impressed after visiting their garbage treatment and waste management plant which handles mixed garbage, waste and plastic similar to what is generated here in Goa," Parrikar said on Facebook after his return.
Since 2010 IGSG is making all possible efforts to contribute to the solution of the garbage elimination in Goa. We would be very happy if this visit of Mr. Parrikar to Germany turned out to be a big step towards the final solution of the garbage problem in Goa.
Please read more here…



Foreign entrepreneurs in Goa

Austrian TV-channel shows film about two Austrian entrepreneurs in Goa

€CO, the TV magazine of Austrian TV channnel ORF on May 2, 2013 showed a film of Austrian film maker Alexander Lorenz about the business hurdles two Austrian entrepreneurs have to deal with, but also about the alluring opportunities of making money in Goa.

Read more and find link to the film (in German) here...



German Bureaucracy

Not to Take it Personally: To my European Friends

Mrs. Meenakshi Passi, an Indian lady married to a German and living most of her time in Goa, has sent us a poem with the title NOT TO TAKE IT PERSONALLY: TO MY EUROPEAN FRIENDS and has asked IGSG for publication. 
IGSG decided to publish it considering the critics of bureaucracy and the emotional feelings expressed in it.
Please read the poem here...



Travel Guide

Review of two travel guides to Goa

Christian Honig reviewed exclusively for IGSG two guides which include Goa and says: "Those who are planning a trip to Goa are immediately confronted with the question of which guide to buy."

Read more here...




Film on Environment in Goa

India's threatened paradise - Climate protection by environmental education

Goa, the smallest Indian state, attracts millions of tourists annually with its beaches and the country's economy depends on them. Tourists want clean beaches and towns, but Goa is struggling with mountains of garbage.

Please read more and watch the film (in German) of German broadcaster Deutsche Welle here...



German tourists in Goa

Goa government wants more German tourists

Mar 19, 2013 - Goa Tourism minister Dilip Parulekar has expressed confidence that German charter tourists may once again start visiting Goa.
On his return from ITB-Berlin
(Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin March 6-10, 2013) the largest gathering of tourism industry stakeholders in the world, where he led the Goa delegation, Parulekar said the revival of charter tourism flights from Germany is "definitely" going to happen reports Times of India.

Please read more here...



Documentary of the Austrian film maker Rudolf Gottsberger

Goa is not India

In an exclusive interview for IGSG Rudolf Gottsberger the Austrian film maker Rudolf Gottsberger explains "For me, „Goa is not India“ because Goa was occupied by the Portuguese, because it is the richest state in India, because there are some kind of enclaves among the foreigners, because some hippies found a knew home in Goa during the Sixties, and because life in Goa has a special character". Please read the complete interview as well as more details about the film here.


Guided visit of Trindade's Exhibition

On 2 January there was a guided visit of the exhibition "António Xavier Trindade – a painter from Goa (1870-1935)" at the premises of the Fundação Oriente, Fontainhas, Panjim. The visit was organized by IGSG - Indo German Friendship Society Goa. Pictures and more...


Trikont, a German based company edits
Konkani Songs

"Own voice to the jewels of the 1960s and 70s" writes Colin Savio Coelho for IGSG

Trikont, a German based company, has edited a CD with Konkani songs. The effort to edit the CD in Germany was started in Goa by the German Sigrid Pfeffer and found its way to Germany, for production. Colin Savio Coelho, editor-in-chief of MuziTainment, writes a special review for IGSG. Please read here.


German journalist launches book about Modern Day Catholicism in Goa



IGSG - Indo German Friendship Society Goa  in collaboration with publisher   "Goa, 1556" launched the book of German journalist Christina Fernandes "Passion in Paradise: Modern Day Catholicism in Goa" at Literati Bookshop and Cafe, Calangute on December 20, 2012. Read more...


German daily "Die Welt": Goan journalist Sonia Faleiro reports about sexual harassment in India

In an article, published in the German daily "Die Welt" on 4 January 2013, the Goan journalist Sonia Faleiro speaks about the years she spent as a young girl in New Delhi, "a city where sexual harassment is as regular as mealtime". In the aftermath of the gang rape of Dec. 16 in New Delhi she considers that the volume of protests in public and in the media has made clear that the attack was a turning point. In retrospect it wasn’t the brutality of the attack on the young woman that made her tragedy unusual; it was that an attack had, at last, elicited a response. Please read the full article (in German) here.


Revised guidelines for tourist visa: lifting of
2-months gap also for older visas

The Revised Guidelines on Tourist Visa are equally valid for visas which still contain the old restriction of the two months gap. See details here…


Germany - India: Avoidance of Double Taxation

In 1995 Germany and India undersigned an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation of income and capital. Please read the full text of the agreement here